Flying high with Eagle Star

With his wide experience of the financial services sector, Rob Bowdery of Write Angle (who previously worked in London as the Marketing Communications Manager at Providence Capitol) was a natural choice to develop copy for Eagle Star – part of the Zurich Group.

A major task that Rob Bowdery undertook for Eagle Star was this project to create an award-winning series of easy-to-understand guides to personal money management, featuring savings & investments, mortgages, insurance and pensions.

Over the past 30 years, Rob has written for banks, building societies, life assurance and travel insurance firms, Lloyd’s underwriters, accountants and private wealth managers thereby extending his knowledge of the financial sector.

About the copywriter

Rob Bowdery is the professional copywriter behind Write Angle, the company he set up back in the late 1980s to offer a wide range of creative communication services to clients.